A game for kids? NO!

I got this game in an external bundle and didn’t know what it was about. I first thought it was a game for kids judging by the cartoonish nice banner, so I wanted to give it a go and uninstall it as soon as I realize it is boring. I have never been so wrong in my life!


The calm Main Menu

As soon as I launched it, I was welcomed by a nice, calming, slow voice that I realized was just trolling me. I realized he was going to say crap until I do the very simple thing he asked me to do (in my own time!), so I was standing there enjoying the funny lines for a few minutes before I finally clicked the button he wanted. Then again, waiting for him to finish his slow calming trolling lines (which he never finished) just to teleport. Then I had to pick one of three Rick and Morty memes, casual stuff, to finish the tutorial. The calming voice told me that I can (in my own time!), as soon as I am ready, slowly proceed to the finish line and start the first level.

The not-calm first level

In the first level the pace of the game turned completely upside-down. There were two voices yelling at me through the phone, insulting me, telling me to do simple things and getting very mad at me if I didn’t do them. I found this hilarious and waited till they finished screaming every time. It took about a minute for all the f*ck yous to end, then I did the task and then the insulting started all over again. Very nice beginning.


The rest is just as rude, but even more fun

In the second level I pissed off a tree worm by stepping near his tree. He told me to get out of there, so I destroyed his life-supporting machine and stole his VR goggles to teleport to the next level.


In another level I accidentally killed the King of VR and took his heart as a VR headset, and then I somehow summoned a demon by literally eating a pile of sh*t while there was very cool rap music playing (again I waited a few minutes if the music stops playing and rapping enjoyable crap, it didn’t) and then the demon killed me. End of my life in VR, I was taken to a court for killing their King. I don’t know what happens next as I still haven’t gotten out of there, because my egg-shaped littlest public defenders had no idea what they were doing and eventually died.

You need to play this

As you can see, Accounting+ is a game full of sweet surprises and adult jokes. I loved it every minute I played because it was a constant troll game, troll characters, I had to do stupid things while the characters were yelling at me, singing about eating sh*t or orgasming next to me. Just the casual game everyone with this sense of humor needs to experience.