Fishy Feast: Dominate the Sea

Fishy Feast is a captivating minigame where you get to experience life under the sea. Your goal? Eat smaller fish and avoid the bigger ones to ultimately become the king of the ocean!

Developed for the Mini Jam 108: Seaside, this game offers a unique twist on the survival of the fittest concept. With intuitive WASD/Arrow keys controls, you'll find yourself immersed in the underwater world in no time.

What I loved about developing this game is its craziness. I added many effects, screen shake, funny texts, funny leaderboards, dead fish effects, and more! Sometimes this may be overwhelming, but that is the intention - to create environment for the player to go all in, head first!

Despite a minor bug that sometimes prevents you from eating anything, the game offers a fun and engaging experience. If you encounter this bug, simply get eaten by the biggest fish and play again - it will be fixed.

Here are some things I love about this game and its submission to the Game Jam.

  • Innovative gravity control mechanics
  • Engaging puzzle challenges
  • Unique musical composition element
  • Highly rated in game jam participation

Experience Fishy Feast for yourself on my page: