The Ultimate Online Chess Experience

masterspace Chess is an immersive online game aimed at adults who cherish both good chess play and friendly hangouts. It is a unique combination of strategic gameplay and social interaction, allowing players to connect, chat, and play chess in a virtual office environment. Choose to showcase yourself through webcam or engage in the arena as a virtual character, the choice is yours.

Crafted diligently within a week, masterspace Chess utilizes Unity's in-built networking system and runs on AWS servers, showcasing a robust client-server architecture designed specifically for Linux. Overcoming challenges of firewall compliance, networking, and ensuring low latency, the game provides a seamless and engaging gaming experience.

Interesting Features & Challenges

This project has a lot going underneath. It combines many areas of backend and frontend software development into one seamless experience.

  • Optional webcam integration to enhance player interactivity.
  • Multiple synchronised chess boards for simultaneous gameplay.
  • Implementation of AWS servers and Unity's networking system for a stable multiplayer experience.
  • Handling low latency for real-time gameplay.
  • Integration of voice chat and video chat SDKs to foster communication among players.
  • Event-driven programming to ensure that game events run smoothly and in sync.
  • Implementation of chess mechanics that stay true to the traditional rules of the game.