Play the Planets: A Musical Gravity Puzzle

Play the Planets is an innovative puzzle game where you control gravity to guide spaceships through a cosmic journey. Created by Ondřej Hráček using Unity, this unique project allows players to change the size of planets in each level, thus altering their gravitational pull. As spaceships pass through planetary atmospheres, they play a musical note, creating a unique song generated purely by your puzzle solution.

This game was a huge success at the Mini Jam 107, earning high scores in use of the limitation, concept, and overall categories. Players lauded its vibrant colors, relaxing play, and innovative use of the theme and limitation.

Player Reviews

The player reviews were amazing and I was pleased that I could deliver a game that they enjoyed so much!

  • "A very good game. I loved the very colorful colors, it's relaxing to play, a great use of limitation! Awesome job!"
  • "This played really nicely; the interplay between the different planets' gravitational fields made the puzzles really interesting and tricky to figure out. Not much else I can add; well done."
  • "Pretty good game! I loved the mechanic! Keep up the good work!"
  • "The idea for this game is amazing, and it's executed super well. There's not much more for me to say: it's just great to play."
  • "This feels like the type of concept you could see in a smaller commercially released game. A good idea with great execution. Very cool."
  • "Very fun and original. Great job!"
  • "This was really fun to play. Even when it got tricky, I was still enjoying myself enough to complete the level. The level design exhibited here is pretty impressive considering the complexity of the mechanics. Awesome job!"
  • "We both had the same idea of using gravity to create music, but yours is more strategic and I believe the end result—the music—is way better than what I did. I liked it!"
  • "Great puzzles and a really cool use of gravity! Great art and sound design too! This has such a nice, peaceful vibe overall -really well done! :D"
  • "Really enjoyed my time with this."
  • "The perfect mesh of the limitation and theme, the puzzle is quite fun to play and the music is very engaging. Your level designing skills are quite amazing."

Game Features & Highlights

Here are some things I love about this game and its submission to the Game Jam.

  • Innovative gravity control mechanics
  • Engaging puzzle challenges
  • Unique musical composition element
  • Highly rated in game jam participation

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