Randomportation: Battle Royale with a Twist

Randomportation is a top-down battle royale game that takes the concept of randomness to a whole new level. Developed as a final project for a Game Jam at Brno University of Technology, this game introduces a unique feature - Randomportation - that shuffles all players' positions at random intervals. Can you adapt to your new location and continue the fight in this fast-paced shooter?

The Concept

Inspired by the theme of the Game Jam - Random - Randomportation was designed to incorporate an element of unpredictability into the classic battle royale format. The Randomportation feature, which teleports players to random positions on the map, adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game.

The Setting

The game takes place in a modern city, devoid of all life except for the players battling each other. As the city's boundaries gradually shrink, the fight becomes more intense and the stakes higher.

Game Mechanics

In Randomportation, you're not just battling other players - you're also racing against time. Pick up items like guns, shields, and apples to heal and defend yourself. Different guns come with different stats, adding another layer of strategy to the game. But remember, once the timer runs out, you'll be teleported to a random location on the map!

The Battle

The battle starts with 21 players, including you and 20 AI players, scattered randomly across the map. The last player standing is the winner. But with the city boundaries shrinking and the threat of Randomportation looming, survival is anything but easy.

Behind the Scenes

Developing Randomportation in just three days was a challenge, especially when it came to programming the AI. Each AI player operates on a state machine that dictates their actions based on their situation, making them formidable opponents. The teachers were surprised by how intelligent the AI seems to be and were curious about the implementation. Despite this and other challenges, the game was well-received at the Game Jam, impressing both students and teachers alike.

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