A 2D RPG game for kids

I got connected with the client via Toptal. They wanted to make a demo of a 2D RPG game for children. They had everything prepared, including graphics, scripts, level layouts, sounds, ... So I opened up Unity and started coding. After six months of development, communication, prototyping, testing and so much more I successfuly developed a demo which got promotion for Nintendo Switch, which is very prestigious. Here is a short list of some of the things I had made:

  • Character development system (XP, levels, equipment, skills)
  • Inventory, Shop, Upgrade systems
  • Dialogues system
  • Battle mechanics
  • Enemy AI
  • Enemy drops, XP systems
  • Animation systems
  • Custom tools

With this setup the client can now expand the project to a full-version release. The custom tools help with organizing, creating and editing vital assets so the workflow is faster and more effective.