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About Me

Name: Ondřej Hráček

Specialization: Unity and C# Developer

Based in: Brno, Czech Republic

Ondra is a student who has been programming since he was 10 and has loved it ever since. He loves to learn new skills and applies his logical thinking acumen to solve complex problems. He has experience in programming games, VR and AR apps, and web apps. He makes indie games in his spare time.

Work Experience

My Experience

2020 - 2021
Paper Sword Games

Lead Game


Worked with a client based in the USA. Developed an engaging 2D RPG game for children. Had to create all the game systems from scratch, including Character development system, Character customization system, Inventory, Shop and Upgrade systems, Battle mechanics, Enemy AI, Dialogues, Animations.

2018 - 2020
Tasty Air

Lead Game,

VR and AR Developer

Worked in a team on a racing game and launched it with thousands of downloads. Developed a web app using which a client can organize a factory, move machines around, place pavement, and more. The client can then walk in their factory in Virtual Reality and see if everything is in order.

2017 - 2018
NetDirect s.r.o.



Learned the basics of MVC structure and e-shop web development. Helped clients with problems with their e-shops and maintained the projects I was involved with. Collaborated with a large team of professionals who helped me to get started with web development

My Schooling

My Education

Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, Brno
2021 - today
Olga Havlová Gymnasium, Ostrava
2013 – 2021

Client's Feedback

Client's Feedback

... Overall, Ondřej was an integral team member to the development of our demo. He is honest, hard-working, and highly instinctual. I am confident in recommending him for future game development work